Patient Information

  • Privacy And Confidentiality

    Privacy And Confidentiality

    We comply with the Australian Government legislation, ensuring that the privacy of our patients in maintained. A copy of our privacy policy and collection statement is available online or at reception.

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  • Transfer of Medical Records

    Transfer of Medical Records

    If you are a new or existing patient requesting records from a previous clinic/hospital, please complete the form below or speak with our friendly receptionists and they can provide you with a Transfer of Records form we need you to fill out.

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  • Consultations


    A standard consultation is 10-15 minutes, your doctor may ask you to come back at another time if they feel there is not sufficient time to deal with more than one of your health concerns. If you think you may require a longer consultation, please call reception or book for a longer appointment.

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  • Reminders & Practice Communication

    Reminders & Practice Communication

    Our practice is committed to preventative care and we may issue you with reminder notices or practice information from time to time. Please advise reception if you would like to withdraw from this free service.

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  • Appointments, Telehealth and Walk-ins

    Appointments, Telehealth and Walk-ins

    Our centre operates on an appointment basis. Walk-in appointments are available depending on clinic capacity on any particular day. Walk in emergencies are always accepted and we will assist in any way we can.

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  • Test Results, Referrals & Prescriptions

    Test Results, Referrals & Prescriptions

    Any test results, including pathology and radiology results, are typically returned to us within 2-3 days.

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  • New Patients

    New Patients

    New patients are always welcome. New patients are encouraged to complete a new patient form (Registration Form) prior to your appointment via a text message link, which will be sent to your following your booking.

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  • Suggestion & Feedback

    Suggestion & Feedback

    Your feedback is valuable. Please speak to a member of the clinical team or administrative staff or email us, if you have any suggestions, or are unhappy with the services you have received.

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  • Complaints


    Your concerns are taken seriously. For matters beyond the clinic ability to address, please contact the Health Services Commissioner.

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  • After Hours Services

    After Hours Services

    We have partnership with Doctor Doctor Services for after-hours medical care. This service is available outside the normal clinic opening hours by ringing (03) 7038 4703 and you will be automatically diverted to their services.

  • After Hours Services

    Home Visits

    Home visits available for registered patients on a case-by-case basis.

  • After Hours Services

    Selected Bulk-Billed Appointments Offered!

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    Selected bulk-billed appointments offered! Book now to save on your healthcare needs.